Designing the Cover

As stated, the first book in the series, Traitor Comet, will be coming out soon. I just wanted to give an update: copyediting is done, the book is being designed, and I have to choose my cover style.

Written from the point of view of a fictional friend, Traitor Comet compresses events from 1924-1927 into a few months set in 1926: Artaud’s presidency of the Surrealist movement, his growing conflict with Breton over communism, Desnos’s objections to communism too and his continuing friendship with Peret and Eluard, Paul Eluard’s lovesickness over Gala, Artaud’s father’s death, Desnos playing Russian Roulette, Desnos’s obsession with Yvonne George, and Desnos’s growing reputation as someone who becomes so angry during his sleep-trances that he goes after certain people with a knife.

The second book, L’Etoile de Mer (The Starfish) will also come out this year. It will encompass Artaud and Vitrac forming the Theatre Alfred Jarry, Desnos’s work as a journalist, Artaud’s break with Breton and his condemnation of communism, Desnos running drugs for Yvonne George who then rejects him, Artaud winning, then losing then winning again the role of Marat in Abel Gance’s Napoleon, Desnos’s drunkenness and growing opium use, and a deep dive into the Marvelous.

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