I have decided to combine Book One: Traitor Comet and Book Two: L’Etoile de Mer, into one novel for the sake of continuity, and self-publish the whole shebang. Thanks to all my readers for sticking with me and waiting for the story of Antonin Artaud and Robert Desnos to be told! This book will cover Artaud’s presidency in the surrealist movement, his break (and Philippe Soupault’s) with Breton, and Desnos’s obsessions with Yvonne George and Youki Foujita.

Book Three: Theatre of Cruelty will cover the disastrous opening of A Dream Play by Strindberg at Artaud’s and Vitrac’s Theatre Alfred Jarry, all the way to Artaud’s incarceration at Sainte-Anne, and will introduce the characters of Nusch, Sonia Mossé, Anie Besnard, Marthe Robert, Frida Khalo, Lise Deharme and Cécile Schramme and further develop the characters of André Breton, Benjamin Péret, Paul Éluard, Kiki,and Picasso.

Book Four will cover the years of WWII and its aftermath.

Thanks again to my readership.

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